Thunder Hammers

Thunder Hammers
Hammer Name Thunder Hammer HT Hammer
Part Number H60T H65HT
Outside Dia (mm) 138.00 148.00
Recomm. Bit size (mm) 152.40 to 216.00 165.10 to 228.60
To Sub Thread (IN) 2-7/8" Reg Pin 2-7/8" Reg Pin
Ham. Wt. without Bit (Kg.) 97.00 103.00
Total Len. without Bit (mm) 1285.00 1285.00
Wrench Flat (mm) 90.00 90.00
Working Pressure (Bar) 7.5-21 7.5-21
Component Name H60T H65HT
Piston Case / Barrel HB60T HB65HT
Piston HP60T HP65HT
Control Tube HCT60T HCT65HT
Top Sub / Back Head HC60T HC65HT
Driver Sub / Front Chuck HFC60T HFC65HT
Air Distributor HAD60T HAD65HT
Guide Sleeve / Assembly Bush HAB60T HAB65HT
Bit Retainer Ring / Bit Lock HBL60T HBL65HT
Dart / Check Valve HCKV60T HCKV65HT
Rubber Check Valve Cap HCKVC60T HCKVC65HT
Spring HS60T HS65HT
Rubber Washer HRW60T HRW65HT
O Ring / Bit Lock O Ring HOR60T HOR65HT
Choke HBC614 HBC65HT
Front Chuck Rubber Cap HFCRC60T HFCRC65HT
Back Head Rubber Cap HCRC60T HCRC65HT

•   For use in hard rock application
•   Valve less DTH Hammer design
•   Reversible Cylinder (wear sleeve)
•   Excellent under water characteristics
•   Less wear & tear
•   Easy to maintain
•   Long life

Before shutting down at the end of each shift, we recommend the following procedures:
  1. Flush Hammer with air/water for a few minutes, then turn off water injection
  2. Flush Hammer with air/oil for a few minutes.  This will coat the internal Hammer parts preventing corrosion/rust.
  3. Never leave the tool in a wet / muddy hole.  Pull back from bottom as far as necessary to prevent the Hammer sitting under water.
  4. It is also good practice to pour at least half a litre of oil down the drill at start up of a new shift.
  5. If the Hammer is removed from the drill rig for any reason, it is wise to pour a quantity of oil into it and block both ends, providing the flushing as outlined in steps one and two above have been carried out.  If steps one and two have not been carried out the Hammer should be stripped, cleaned and oiled before being stored.